Deposit Account Control Agreement with Activation

A deposit account control agreement with activation is a legal document that governs the relationship between a borrower, a secured party, and a depository bank. The agreement is designed to provide the secured party with control over the borrower’s deposit account, which is held at the depository bank.

A deposit account control agreement with activation is typically used in secured lending transactions, where the borrower pledges its deposit account as collateral for a loan. The agreement provides the secured party with the right to control the deposit account, which means that the borrower cannot withdraw funds or direct the depository bank to release funds without the secured party`s consent.

To activate a deposit account control agreement, the secured party must first notify the depository bank of its interest in the deposit account. This notice is typically in the form of a written agreement that is signed by all parties.

Once the deposit account control agreement with activation has been executed, the depository bank will recognize the secured party`s rights over the deposit account. As a result, the secured party can:

– Monitor the account activity

– Receive account statements and notices

– Deposit funds into the account

– Withdraw funds from the account

– Block or freeze the account

The deposit account control agreement with activation provides an added layer of security for the secured party. By having control over the deposit account, the secured party can ensure that the borrower does not withdraw funds or use the account in a way that would harm the secured party`s interest in the collateral.

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